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February 2019


Idesco EPC 2.0 Passive long-range UHF reader

Founded in 1989, Idesco is one of the most experienced companies in the field of RFID. Their robust, adaptable and readily installed devices are the foundation for cost-effective and dynamic identification systems.

a picture of the EPC 2 reader
The new EPC 2.0 is a tough, conveniently-configurable reader that now supports 128-bit AES-encrypted transponders.


Long range ID applications, readily deployed

  • Easily configure EPC 2.0 via either configuration card, RS232 interface or order pre-configured.
  • Anticollision ability: reads several tags in the read range simultaneously
  • Multi-application convenience: (e.g. access control and payment on same tag)
  • Flexible use of external antennas - lets EPC 2.0 function as two separate readers
  • Precisely define your interrogation zone by adjusting transmitting power

Versatile Idesco EPC 2.0 excels in a variety of applications

  • Access control requiring longer identification distances, or anti-collision ability (mass events)
  • Vehicle identification at distance; a single robust and durable reader (for harsh, inclement outdoor settings) paired with an external antenna will handle both your incoming and outgoing traffic
  • Logistics: adjustable transmission power lets you precisely target your desired identification area.
  • EPC Gen2v2 standard not only supports but will secure your multi-application transponders with encryption


Please ask us, if you would like to know more or if you have any questions.
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