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metraTec UHF Field Analyzer Kit
[FA Kit UHF]

The metraTec UHF Field Detector measures the field strength present in the 868 MHz band which is emitted by UHF RFID readers. Two LEDs show whether certain thresholds in field strength are exceeded. This values can be configured freely, e.g. to correspond to the tags used in your application.
For a more detailed measurement the values are wirelessly transmitted via the integrated ZigBee module to a PC or PDA that is equipped with the included metraZed USB stick. More than one sensor can transmit to a PC at the same time which allows for complex measurement setups and test scenarios. The configuration and visualization software (for Windows XP or higher) is also included in the kit.
The measurement antenna is linearly polazired so you can measure horizontal and vertical field separately to determine the circularity of UHF antennas or the optimal position of UHF tags in a given situation.

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