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Idesco EPC 2.0 Passive long-range UHF reader

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Idesco EPC 2.0 reads numerous encrypted, passive transponders instantly, up to 10 meters.
It has the rugged reliability you expect from Idesco and the same detection range (up to 10 meters, depending on tag & setting) as its predecessors. It still supports anticollision, capturing and storing every inrange tag in its oversized buffer while simultaneously forwarding them quickly to your system. Now, though, you can deploy new encrypted (Gen2v2) tags for high security. You can conveniently configure EPC 2.0 where you have installed with a dedicated configuration card. With a reach most active readers won’t match (and definitely not for the price!), EPC 2.0 remains the most cost-effective, rugged, reliable, long-range zone monitoring reader you can find.

The tough, conveniently-configurable reader now supports 128-bit AES-encrypted transponders, in addition to connection with an external antenna. It can determine the direction of moving tags and has anticollision capability as well as automatic polling upon power-up (no initiating commands required). The reader is configurable by card, RS232 interface or you can order it pre-configured.



  • Easily configure EPC 2.0 via either configuration card, RS232 interface or order pre-configured.
  • Anticollision ability: reads several tags in the read range simultaneously
  • Multi-application convenience: (e.g. access control and payment on same tag)
  • Flexible use of external antennas - lets EPC 2.0 function as two separate readers
  • Precisely define your interrogation zone by adjusting transmitting power

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